Extreme-Duty Highway Towable Chipper-Shredder

Extreme-Duty Highway Towable Chipper-Shredder
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Extreme-Duty Highway Towable Chipper-Shredder
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The SC262 is the largest shredder-chipper in the MacKissic line. This machine will process material as fast as it can be fed into the machine. The shredder will pulverize leaves and yard debris turning unsightly piles into useful mulch and compost. The chipper will practically self feed, reducing trees, branches, and saplings into thumbnail sized chips in a matter of seconds.

This machine is built tough and durable for many years of dependable service, even in the toughest applications.

The SC262 features an internal anti-wrap sleeve to help prevent wet and heavy material from clogging the machine, thus reducing downtime and maintenance.

The shredder has 48 free-swinging hammers that can be reversed four times.

The SC262 is highway towable with a strong 7-gauge reinforced steel trailer with independent flexride suspension for smoother towing and less wear on the machine.

The chipper has 2 heat-treated steel blades that are resharpenable and adjustable.

  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 18-HP Vanguard

  • 4.0-Inch Chipper Capacity

  • Shredder Capacity 1-1/2"

  • Chipper Hopper Opening 19" x 13-1/2"

  • Chipper Hopper Throat 4-1/2" x 4"

  • Free-Swinging Hammers: 48

  • Rotor Weight: 148-Lbs.

  • Key Electric Start

  • DOT-Approved for Highway Towing

  • Weight: 1100-Lbs.

  • Machine Warranty: 2 yrs. consumer, 90 day commercial

  • Engine Warranty 2 yrs. consumer, 2 yrs. commercial

  • Shipped Freight-FREE in most areas!

    What is a CHIPPER SCREEN?

    Many of our customers ask us to explain the function of a Chipper Screen.

    Chipper Screens are located at the bottom of the chipping chamber. They prevent the material being shredded from escaping until it can fall through the holes located in the screen. The smaller the hole, the longer the debris is held in the chipping chamber.

    Each chippers is shipped with one standard screen which will satisfy the needs of most customers in normal conditions.

    Other optional screens allow you to customize the discharged materials from your chipper to your exact needs.

    Smaller screens result in finer mulch chips or to make compost for your garden. Larger screens make it easier to process fiberous or wet materials such as corn stalks or wet leaves.

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