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Mackissic, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the Mighty Mac and Merry Mac brand of Chipper Shredders, Leaf Shredders & Blowers, Garden Sprayers, Stump Cutters, and Turf Vacuums, as well as the Merry Tiller brand of Premium Garden Tillers.

We have been a Factory-Authorized Wholesale Distributor for Mackissic, Mighty Mac, Merry Mac, and Merry Tiller products for more than 25 years.

All of Mackissic's products are considered to be the best available by upscale property owners, farmers, nurseries, and serious home and community gardeners.

All of these products are in-stock, available for immediate shipment and supported by a team of product specialists and readily available replacement parts.

As far as Mackissic Chippers are concerned, we are often asked: "What makes the Mackissic Chipper-Shredders so special?"

The answer is the Mackissic Hammermill System which easily outperforms every other design on the market.

<<< Click on the section labeled "The Mackissic Hammermill design" on the left to learn more about the benefits of this design.

Secondly, All Mackissic machines are designed for long life and long-term value, not just a low initial purchase price, like the brands you find in your local Home Center or "depot" store.

We hear from customers almost everyday who own Chippers, Tillers, and other Mackissic products that are 20, 30, or even 40 or more years old. We are very proud to let them know we still have all of the replacement parts they will need to keep their machine running even longer!

If your desire is to purchase a long-term Chipper to turn trees into valuable mulch, pulverize your excess leaves and branches, or to make incredible compost for your gardens, a Mackissic Hammermill Chipper is the solution.

Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club, Mackissic Chippers received the highest possible rating of "excellent" in the categories of performance, safety, and ease of use.

PS: You won't find these products in any department store!

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